About Us

Yenok Wood Products Limited is a profitable, trendy, furniture and decorative home accessories wood company registered under Ghana laws as a limited liability company in Takoradi in the Western Region, in Ghana. Andy and Dinah Koney, the couple owners, have built Yenok as a business for over 16 years. Unlike most handicraft manufactures in Ghana, Yenok is a high end, high quality manufacturer of wood products with solid production capabilities, consistent quality, excellent product finish and experience in raw material sourcing. 

The company is currently managed by Andy Koney as the CEO and he is assisted by Mrs. Koney who is also double as the marketing director. The couple own Yenok and have consistently generated employment and income for a large number of people in this low income area in Ghana.



Yenok products include outdoor and indoor furniture, room and home accessories and other smaller items like masks, coasters, and other carvings. The strength of Yenok’s products is in their designs and the functionality.



The market for Yenok’s product has been predominantly domestic; however, they have been making serious incursions into the USA market during the last few years especially in the niche market. Yenok hitherto has a diffused marketing activity without proper segmentation in terms of product offerings, customer profiling and target market .Yenok will be focusing more on the domestic and the USA market. The domestic market is segmented into middle class, expatriates, Ghanaian returnees, tourist and institutional/real estate markets.  The market is estimated at $20million dollars with an aggregate growth rate of 16%. Export of Ghanaian handicrafts to the USA has been growing at 20% from the last 5 years and stood at $ 18.1 million in 2005. Yenok plans to have a dual marketing approach marketing at the enterprise level and partnering with a specialized handicraft marketing organization in providing the services to reach the domestic and international markets. Currently, Yenok processes wood into fashionable, functional, unique African designs such as furniture, cabinets and small accessories for the domestic and export market.  Yenok controls almost all the production processes of its major items and therefore have an excellent product finish. Yenok also sources smaller accessories from individual artisans from the villages and other regionally dispersed producers. By so doing Yenok serves as a conduit between local and regional artisans and the international export .