Customized Hut Screen with Adinkra Symbols

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African Hut Screen with pressed wood panels and Adinkra symbols  Laser cut out and pasted on brown stained panels. Panels are linked together with hinges

Product Features:
  • Plywood and Hardwood combination gives it an easy blend and makes it all beautiful.  The laser cut adinkra symbols carefully placed on the panels individually speaks for itself.  This is a 3pc panel screen simple to assemble. Screens gets linked together with hinges.  Screen comes customized with laser cut out symbols of ones choice. 
  • Materials: Hard Wood and Plywood  
  • Finish:  Natural  finish and Red Stain Lacquer 
  • Screen Total Weight :  28kg
  • Screen Dimensions: 65 inches high x 23 inches wide/panel   Thickness :  1.5"  Back
  • Color:  Natural stain, Red Stain and Lacquer