Sankofa Shadow Box

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Product Features: 

  • Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol (Bird that has its heard turned backwards or  other symbol designs (literally means going back for the good in the past) It is believed that sometime in life good things are left behind and if it so happens it is acceptable to reach out for that hence the saying SANKOFA.   Carved out  of Red Wood and placed in a shadow box made out of plywood. 
  • Finish                :         Lacquered
  • Materials           :         Hard Wood & Plywood 
  • Chair Weight     :        1.0 kg
  • Symbol Size Dimension : 6.5 inches high  x 7 inches width - 4 inches depth
  • Box size    :     12 inches x  16 inches
  • Color         :      Brown and Mud Cloth Yellowish Pattern